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We almost have a logo for Natril Gear!  This post has our top three logos from the graphic design company we're working with and our top three logo ideas that Nathan has developed.  Take a look, and then fill out our 3-question survey to let us know your thoughts.  Thanks so much!

Nathan and I have hired a graphic design company to help create a logo for Natril Gear: C&C Graphic Design.  They are a brand new, 2-person company, but both members are experienced designers.  We have met with them a couple of times now, and they have shown us a total of seven different logo ideas.  I want to show you our three favorites from C&C plus our three favorites that Nathan has designed and get your feedback.

Our goal with this logo is that it will not limit us to JUST the bicycling industry, but will allow us the freedom to also make non-bike products in the future.  So, don’t be alarmed that none of these logos are a picture of a bike!  Second, we want a clean, simple design with few colors.  Third, we want the logo to be able to stand on its own apart from our name, so it can’t be attached to/touching the words “Natril Gear”.  And forth (and least important/most negotiable), we want an emphasis on nature.  That said, let’s take a looksie:

Logo 1 (designed by C&C): 


Revisions we’ve requested to logo 1:

  1. Make the leaf fill the inside of the gear circle more (ie: make it bigger, not fatter, just enlarge the picture).
  2. Add vein(s) in the leaf, and make the vein(s) white.


Logo 2 (Designed by C&C): 


Revisions we’ve requested to logo 2:

  1. Version 1: Reduce the number of tree limbs and make the remaining limbs thicker/fatter to match the thick canopy.
  2. Version 2: Reduce the number of central tree limbs, and then add more limbs that stretch further out to the right and left under the canopy of the tree.  Keep all limbs current “skinny” size.


Logo 3 (Designed by C&C): 

Revisions we’ve requested to logo 3:

  1. For all versions: Outline the spikes around the sun in orange (not grey).
  2. Version 1: Make grey circle behind the sun’s spikes smaller.
  3. Version 2: Take out grey circle behind the sun's spikes.
  4. Version 3: Put dark green leaf with white vein(s) in the middle of the sun and also change the wording to be dark green.


Logos 4-6 (Designed by Nathan):

These are still very much a work in progress, as you can see.  They are only sketches, and we haven’t even thought about colors yet, but we wanted to show them to you so you could compare these ideas with C&C's ideas.


So those are our top three from C&C and our top three from Nathan right now.  They are all still in the creation/revision stages (Nathan's more so than C&C's), and we would really like your feedback on them so far.  If you will please take a minute to fill out our 3-question survey below, it would be MUCH appreciated!

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Thanks again!  It’s really great to get your input! I’ll let you know the survey results soon.  🙂

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